Friday, October 23, 2009

Jammin to Michael Franti...

Every time this song comes on a dance party ensues, tonight it was during supper:

Can you blame us? It is a GREAT song to dance to!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Family fun and whole lot more!

Hi it's Morgan, boy have we been busy. We've spent the past couple days with our cousins Hannah, Ethan, Cameron, and Aunt Stacy. The pictures below aren't from this past time with them, but are ones Noemi took a few months ago. Isn't she so good!?!? Check out more of her work at Anyway, we were really busy when they were here.

We went to paint your plate. I tasted a little of the paint, it was not too bad. We painted these really fun tiles and got to put our hand print on them. Then we went to lunch at Chuck E Cheese, we loved just running around, we didn't even need any tokens.We went to the indoor swimming pool and out to eat with Uncle Michael.Thanks everyone for all the fun, that was a lot in 2 days but we are so glad you came to visit us. Aunt Stacy mom wanted me to tell you that you did a good job driving in the cities!

In other news we have this new place to play called Lifetime Fitness. We call it "school" but mom says it is a place for her and dad to exercise not a school. She drops us off with regular clothes on and comes and picks us up 2 hours later all sweaty and smelly. She says she needs to exercise because of us. Isn't chasing us around enough? I guess we better move more for mom and dad.

Yep, that is Addison on the potty. She likes to sit on it, but has only went potty in it once. We aren't really potty training, but if we ask we get to sit on our pottys.

Today we had so much fun playing outside.

Eli raking.
Action shot of Morgan.
Action shot of Addison.
Yep we still have 2 dogs and we LOVE to play with them!
Addison raking.
Addison driving.
2/3 looking..not too bad!

Can you believe we dressed like THIS when we outside to play a week ago?
Happy Fall everybody!

Monday, October 5, 2009

We love fall...sort of.

Hello everyone. So as you read in the title, we love fall. We like wearing our new clothes, wearing coats, not having to put on sun screen, it getting dark earlier and starting school. BUT, there is one thing that kinds of stinks about fall...some days we can't go outside, which drives us and whoever is taking care of us crazy!! Thankfully on Sunday was a good fall day. Here is what we did.

It started out by us sleeping in until 10:45. Yep you read that right. We should also include Eli woke up at 6AM, so mom and came and layed on the floor. We woke up got ready, ate a nice big breakfast of 10 scrambled eggs with ham and cheese and 3 pieces of toast with jelly and peanut butter, and then went to the park. YAY!

Addison and her endless chatter:

Then we ran to Target to get some stuff and mom picked up a Halloween cake mix for us. So when we got home we made that.

We poured, stirred, and licked!

Then we watched them bake:

Then while mom made supper we played with our stickers and markers.

Then Grandma Kathy came over and gave us our new jackets she had made for us. We look pretty cool huh?
What a good day!! But mom got sick in the middle of the night, another reason we don't like fall! Here's to hoping there are more good fall days than bad!