Friday, June 24, 2011


I know! How can it be that soon enough I will be the mother of three 4 year olds!?!? Here are some pictures that my friend and fellow triplet mom (plus one) Shari Karnowski took of our family a couple weeks ago. With shots like these her photography business will be booming in NO time!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An Addison update...

She is still happy most of the time.
-We still don't know exactly what is wrong with her
-She is still taking all those meds
-She still has fevers and the rash
-She had a sedated CT scan and skin biopsy last Wednesday
-The CT scan came back normal
-We have met our out of pocket for the year I am pretty sure!
-Results of the biopsy are expected next week

The mystery continues............

Discovery 3's Graduation

Last week was our last week of preschool for the year. What will we do ALL summer?

Morgan would not stand up there without Eli-they both look super thrilled!

City kids go country!

We spent memorial day weekend someone's back yard! Silly huh? But we had SO much fun!

We climbed a huge pile of dirt. Addison took pictures instead of climbing it.

Drove around on lots of fun farm toys.

Played with Louie (the dog) and cousins Ethan and Cameron and lots of other friends.
Thanks Amanda, Eric, Hattie, Jonas, and Cecelia for letting us take over your backyard!