Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cool Kids!

Morgan here, like my cool shades?

My turn Morgan! It's Eli if you can't tell. Pink suits me don't you think?

Now for the real star of the show...Addison!
Gotta run! See you later!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New additions..

Don't get scared! Mom did NOT have any more kids!! But me (Addison) and my brother and sister did get babies for Christmas. Here we are with them:
Their names are Dawn Dorotha (me), Willene Berniece (Morgan), and Marcellus Florentino (Eli). Kind of goofy names if you ask me, but that's what their birth certificates say.

Here's we are at Grandma and Grandpa Stephenson's

Here we are with our Hanlin cousins:
Here I am with cousin Cameron. I LOVE him!
We would also like to say Hi to our new friend Piper Elizabeth Brinda, she was born on Christmas. We can't wait to meet her! Goodbye for now!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Watch us Dance!

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas card?

Hi everyone! The other day mom got us dressed up and said we were going to take a picture for our "christmas card." What the heck is that?? Here's how the pictures turned out:

Mom gave up after about 5 minutes and said she was going to leave this job to the professionals, so she used a picture from when that lady came to our house a couple months ago. She says we all look basically the same, we just have more hair now. Sorry we could not do better for our picture, but there was so much fun stuff to look at! Maybe next year.

In other news we are starting to say more words, kinda. We say "du" for duck, "du" for done, and "uh oh" whenever we feel like it. We can also make some animal noises. Here's Eli:

Addison discovered a hat that was supposed to be for the summer, now she loves to wear it:
Thanks Anthony, Danika and Taylor for the wonderful "winter" hat!!

Goodbye for now, stay warm!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hide and Seek!

Guess who!! Where are we???

Are we eating?

Not right now.

Maybe we are in the tub
Not there either!

Maybe we're sleeping.
NO WAY, but you are getting closer!


You found us!We learned how to open the closet doors so now we LOVE to play in here. Isn't hide and seek fun? Maybe we can play more later. BYE!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

We are climbers!

Hello it's Morgan. This week we learned how to climb off and on the couch and up and down the stairs and be safe. Actually we have known how to go up stairs for a while, but mom and dad FINALLY let us play on the stairs the other day. Here's some video of us on the stairs. Eli isn't very good at getting down the stairs.

Did you know we got a new truck? Dad got in accident, don't worry he's fine, so we had to get a new one. It is so cool!! It has a TV screen in it. This was our reaction when we saw it for the first time.
We also got these fun chairs this week as an early Christmas gift from Grandma Kathy. Now we have somewhere soft to sit to so we don't bother mom and dad to sit on the couch. We can also use them as a step stool to get up to the couch, whatever we want. Addison really likes the Spiderman one, but I think that one is supposed to be for Eli, OH WELL.
We hope you all have a great week. Enjoy the snow, we LOVE it!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Santa and more fun stuff

Hello it's Eli, sorry it has been a while since we wrote! We have been very busy. Last weekend we went and saw this guy in a red suit, his name is Santa. Look at the picture and you decide what I thought of him.
I threw a snowman and a bottle at him before he finally left me alone. Mom says he won't bring me any presents. Oh well, that's what grandparents are for right? What else have we been up to?

I destroyed my crib mattress, actually on this day I just threw everything out of my crib. It was yesterday I tore it apart. Sleeping without a mattress isn't so bad.

Addison and Morgan dressed up, mom says Addison is more the modeling type.

On Thanksgiving we ate lots of potatoes and stuffing, we don't really like turkey right now. We LOVE to eat with our spoon and fork. We are really getting to be big kids! Make sure you vote in the poll. Me and Addison think Morgan may have snuck into the OR when mom was having us, WHO does she look like?

Monday, November 24, 2008


Something terrible happened while mom was at work today. We ruined our favorite book "Happy Baby Words." It started when the spine came off and it was downhill from there. If anyone is looking to get us a GREAT Christmas gift 3 copies of this book or any other book in the "Happy Baby" collection would make us smile! Goodbye for now Happy Baby Words!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Little things..

Addison here. I wanted to tell you about some of the little things in life that amuse us. Mom says sometimes she wishes she could be us because we are so easily amused. Tonight I was really amused by the camera:

We were all very amused by this empty clothes basket:

And then there is tug of war:

Morgan and Eli are amused at getting up on the couch when mom and dad are busy. I can't get up there on my own yet, but I try really hard! They also like to sit and sometimes stand on the coffee table.

Today we watched our dad rake leaves from the window for 15 minutes. Every time he would bring his head up I would wave and then get really mad if he didn't wave back. It's so much fun being 16 1/2 months! I hope you all find something little to amuse you today!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hello it's Morgan. My mom wrote earlier without our permission, this is OUR blog not hers!! Anyway, tonight after we finished or mac and cheese and peas we got dessert. We've never had dessert before. Mom made us chocolate pudding with strawberries (we mixed in some mac and cheese with the pudding too), it was so yummy!! We got really messy and had to have baths after, we like to get messy with our food, it's way more fun! Enjoy the pictures.



Addison and Eli were being silly and feeding each other. Sometimes we like to share, but not very often!

And the winner is...

A note from Alison:
Thanks everyone for your votes. We tried letting Shelby do the discipline, but she is just too nice! Even though the winner was say no and redirect, we have gone with time outs. At first I had to hold his shoulders to keep him in the corner. But today when he has his 3 time outs this AM (2 for pulling Morgan down by her shirt and one for moving the toy storage unit) Once I put him in the corner he stayed and I just stood near the corner. Our new problem is that the other 2 think it is some sort of party and try to come sit in the corner with him! Morgan has also had one time out which she was NOT happy about. Addison is yet to need a time out, but when she does I am sure it will be terrible since in her eyes she can do no wrong! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Up to no good..

Hi it's Eli. I wanted to tell you about some of my new favorite activities:

-Taking the sheets off my bed
-Playing in the laundry basket
-Moving my toy storage bin around. It's big and could fall on top of me or my sisters, but oh well!
-Raiding the pantry or any other cupboard I can get my hand in. I really like the Ortega taco seasoning packet!
-Tipping over the diaper pail
-Tormenting my sisters. That is not really new, but it's still a favorite!

Caught in the Act! (sorry it is sideways)

Of course I know I should not do these things, but when mom and dad aren't looking it is so much fun! Mom says I am officially a toddler. Bye for now!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Hi, it's Morgan! Boy there is some weird stuff that goes on in this world! This morning mom and dad gave us the pumpkins we got a couple weeks ago. They cut holes all over them and let us play with this icky orange stuff inside of them. Then later they got us all dressed up and took us over to people's houses. We dressed up as our luvies, so I was a duck, Addison was a cat, and Eli was a frog. Going to people's house was fun because we got M&Ms, but we didn't get home until an hour after our bedtime. Boy are we tired! Enjoy the pictures of our Halloween.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Welcome Cameron!

This is Cameron, our new cousin:

This weekend we went down and saw him. He is pretty little! I can't believe I was smaller than he is! Mom says he was not a good baby because her kept Aunt Stacy up all night, hopefully that will get better. Here's some pictures of us with Cameron. I bet he'll be a lot more fun when he is older!
Sleep tight everyone, especially you Cameron!

Love, Addison

Friday, October 24, 2008


Hello it's Eli. We have been using spoons for a while and they are so much fun!! Mom says we are pretty messy with them, but I don't think it's that bad. You be the judge.

Me-I was yelling at Shelby


Addison-her lip is much better. Still a little fat though
Here's some video of us eating

So what do you think? Are we messy? Must have been mom put us in the tub right after we got done eating!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's a tough world.

Hi everyone. Today was a tough day for me. I was wearing moms coat which was a little big for me. I guess I was standing on one of the sleeves and then Eli came and knocked me over. This is what I looked like BEFORE I fell:

That's me in the light blue shirt (we liked having cousin Ethan push us around in a basket!)
Here's me AFTER I fell
My lip is a little big huh? It's tough being little!

Enough about Addison's fall! I fall ALL the time and I never get hurt, I think she's a wimp! It's Morgan and I want to tell you about what we did this weekend. We got to go get some pumpkins. We went to daddy's fire station to get them.

Eli sat on a big wheel

And we all took a picture with daddy

After that we went down and saw Grandma Barb, Grandpa Bubba, Uncle Chub, Cousin Ethan, Aunt Stacy, and Cousin Hannah. We were supposed to meet our new cousin Cameron but he didn't want to come out yet. He came out today. He's a lot bigger than when we were-he weighs as much as 2 of us did when we were born! We get to go see him on Saturday. Hope you all have a good weekend!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I have to tell you something!

It's Eli-I have to admit it-MY FEET ARE SO TICKLISH! Here is some video of mom tickling my feet.

Hello everyone it's Addison. I wanted to share some pictures from us playing outside today. My dad brought out these cars and I think we were supposed to move around in them, but we just sat there. My brother had to wear pink mittens because his hands were cold and he doesn't have mittens yet-he looked silly! I love to play outside. Mom lets the dogs out and I try to chase them, but I am a little slow.

Me-aren't I cute? I think so-I think that's why mom calls me a princess.

Eli-not as cute as me!
Morgan-a close 2nd for cuteness. I take first place!

Eli with his pink mittens. We went to Target when we were done playing and got him blue ones.
Have a good night! Cross your fingers Aunt Stacy has her baby soon, we can't wait to meet him!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fun at the apple orchard

It's Eli. Today when my mom got home from work we went to the apple orchard with Aunt Laura, Cousin Dominic, Grandma Kathy, and mom. Dad forgot to take the strollers out of his car so we had to walk and be carried. It was so much fun. There were lots of trees and apples all over the ground for us to play with. I liked the ones people took bites out of best, but mom kept throwing them away from me. Here's some pictures of us playing in the orchard.