Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Hi, it's Morgan! Boy there is some weird stuff that goes on in this world! This morning mom and dad gave us the pumpkins we got a couple weeks ago. They cut holes all over them and let us play with this icky orange stuff inside of them. Then later they got us all dressed up and took us over to people's houses. We dressed up as our luvies, so I was a duck, Addison was a cat, and Eli was a frog. Going to people's house was fun because we got M&Ms, but we didn't get home until an hour after our bedtime. Boy are we tired! Enjoy the pictures of our Halloween.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Welcome Cameron!

This is Cameron, our new cousin:

This weekend we went down and saw him. He is pretty little! I can't believe I was smaller than he is! Mom says he was not a good baby because her kept Aunt Stacy up all night, hopefully that will get better. Here's some pictures of us with Cameron. I bet he'll be a lot more fun when he is older!
Sleep tight everyone, especially you Cameron!

Love, Addison

Friday, October 24, 2008


Hello it's Eli. We have been using spoons for a while and they are so much fun!! Mom says we are pretty messy with them, but I don't think it's that bad. You be the judge.

Me-I was yelling at Shelby


Addison-her lip is much better. Still a little fat though
Here's some video of us eating

So what do you think? Are we messy? Must have been mom put us in the tub right after we got done eating!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's a tough world.

Hi everyone. Today was a tough day for me. I was wearing moms coat which was a little big for me. I guess I was standing on one of the sleeves and then Eli came and knocked me over. This is what I looked like BEFORE I fell:

That's me in the light blue shirt (we liked having cousin Ethan push us around in a basket!)
Here's me AFTER I fell
My lip is a little big huh? It's tough being little!

Enough about Addison's fall! I fall ALL the time and I never get hurt, I think she's a wimp! It's Morgan and I want to tell you about what we did this weekend. We got to go get some pumpkins. We went to daddy's fire station to get them.

Eli sat on a big wheel

And we all took a picture with daddy

After that we went down and saw Grandma Barb, Grandpa Bubba, Uncle Chub, Cousin Ethan, Aunt Stacy, and Cousin Hannah. We were supposed to meet our new cousin Cameron but he didn't want to come out yet. He came out today. He's a lot bigger than when we were-he weighs as much as 2 of us did when we were born! We get to go see him on Saturday. Hope you all have a good weekend!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I have to tell you something!

It's Eli-I have to admit it-MY FEET ARE SO TICKLISH! Here is some video of mom tickling my feet.

Hello everyone it's Addison. I wanted to share some pictures from us playing outside today. My dad brought out these cars and I think we were supposed to move around in them, but we just sat there. My brother had to wear pink mittens because his hands were cold and he doesn't have mittens yet-he looked silly! I love to play outside. Mom lets the dogs out and I try to chase them, but I am a little slow.

Me-aren't I cute? I think so-I think that's why mom calls me a princess.

Eli-not as cute as me!
Morgan-a close 2nd for cuteness. I take first place!

Eli with his pink mittens. We went to Target when we were done playing and got him blue ones.
Have a good night! Cross your fingers Aunt Stacy has her baby soon, we can't wait to meet him!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fun at the apple orchard

It's Eli. Today when my mom got home from work we went to the apple orchard with Aunt Laura, Cousin Dominic, Grandma Kathy, and mom. Dad forgot to take the strollers out of his car so we had to walk and be carried. It was so much fun. There were lots of trees and apples all over the ground for us to play with. I liked the ones people took bites out of best, but mom kept throwing them away from me. Here's some pictures of us playing in the orchard.

Friday, October 10, 2008

15 months

Hello it's Morgan. Today we got to go to the doctor. Going there is OK, we get flavored sticks to chew on, but the shots are no fun! As soon as we sit on that paper we know what is coming. I thought you would want to know how big we all are now.

Addison- 20 pounds, 30 inches
Eli-23 pounds, 31 inches (my daddy says that is one heavy inch!)
Me- 21 pounds, 31 inches

The other good news we got today was that we don't have ANY precautions for winter this year! The doctor said we were "normal." That made mom and dad very happy. Also, my mom got a new job at the same place she works now, I think it is called Courage Center. She says she will get to work normal hours and won't have to work weekends. She won't get to play with kids anymore, but she says she will be helping make the therapists jobs easier for them and this way she will get to spend more time with us. I think she is pretty excited about it. That is all for now, I think we get to go out and play later today so maybe mom will take some pictures of us. Have a good day!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The worst day.

It's Addison I had to tell you all what my mom did to me yesterday. She got me dressed and put shoes on which made me so excited because that means we are leaving the house. We got to this place that looked fun-there were bright colors, TVs all over, and music playing. Then she sat me in a chair and this lady started spraying my hair with water and then cut some off! Can you believe it? Here's a picture she took, she was laughing at me while I cried. She kept telling me we needed to get rid of my mullet. Can anyone tell me what a mullet is?

Hi it's Eli, Addison is such a wimp! I've been to that place 3 times and there is no reason to cry! I wanted to tell you what I did yesterday. I woke up from my nap way too early (I do that a lot!) but my mom wouldn't let me out of my crib so I decided to get undressed. Here's a picuture, I was only half done when mom caught me.
Now it's my turn, Morgan. I didn't do anything scary or silly yesterday. I did have lots of fun playing outside. I like to go up and down the stairs. The first time I went down I went head first and hit my lip on the cement. Now I know to go feet first, it works way better and doesn't hurt! Here's some pictures of us outside.

Goodbye for now!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ready for Winter!

Hello it's Eli. So today we got to try our warm outfits for winter. My mom bought them 5 months ago because they were "a deal" (whatever that means) and was worried they would not fit us. NO WORRIES they all fit, even though mine is the same size as my sisters it still fit with lots of room for me as I get bigger. My mom keeps telling me I need to stop growing, she says I get heavier by the day. So for the past 2 weeks me and my sisters decided not to eat. We'll show her! The bummer, the few things we do like she doesn't give us more of she just says we'll have to wait for the next meal AND she stopped giving us one of our snacks. She ruins all our plans! Anyway, here's a picture of us in our winter clothes. Don't worry Morgan plans to get some pants, otherwise she is going to get pretty cold.

Here we are in the bathtub. I got in big trouble tonight because I tried to dump a whole bucket of water outside the tub when mom was getting Addison dressed. Speaking of trouble, my dad put me in a time out today because I sat on top of Morgan and was pulling out her hair. What's wrong with that?

Here I am playing the tub, I still have a little of my supper on my face.

Here's Morgan in the tub, see you can't even see where I pulled all that hair out of!
Here's Addison in the tub, mom says she likes to pose
Here we are all clean. I think it might be time for bed!
Good night:)