Monday, January 30, 2012

Triple the laughs...the future

Tonight Addison declared that she was going to have twins AND triplets and that her friend Brady would be the dad.  She was concerned about the need to find a grandma until I told her I would fill that role.

Morgan has settled on having a set of twins and the dad is to be announced at a later date.

 Then came Eli asking if he could lay a baby, you know like a chicken lays an egg.  I broke the news that boys can't grow babies in their bellies but can be really great daddies who help mommies.   He did not speak for the rest of the ride home and moped while getting ready for bed.  I wonder if he will be sad about his inability to "lay a baby" in a couple years when he finds out how they come out.

In other news, Addison is not really progressing in swimming lessons in regards to jumping off the edge of the pool.  So tonight I broke the news to her that if she does not do it she will have to be a different lesson than her brother and sister. She has assured that next Monday she will jump in with the teacher only holding one of her hands. We'll see about that.....

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Please support UCP!!

It's once again time for the stationary bike race for United Cerebral Palsy of MN.  Please consider donating...every little bit counts!! Click on the link to the right to donate.  Thanks!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

See that little red button on the right?

THAT folks is why the blog has been neglected.  If you are not on Pinterest I highly recommend you do so if you would like to spend hours looking at recipes, crafts, home decor, exercises, funny quotes and much more.  For me it's right up there with coffee!

Making the most of what we have...

We have been begging to use the sleds we got for Christmas.  So even though there wasn't much snow we went out and tried.

 Note the presence of more grass than snow!

Hard to believe this is January in MN!
 Rosy cheeks, ready for some hot chocolate!

The threat

Clean up has been tough this will be staying on the kitchen chair this week to remind the children what happens when they don't clean up!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Fun with family

We had such a great day with Grandma Kathy, Aunt Laura, Irelynn and Dominic today.  Thanks for coming to visit.  Here are some pictures from "Daddy's Firestation."

 Doesn't Irelynn look happy to be taking this picture?

 Wouldn't you be comforted if this was the crew that showed up to put out a fire?
 We don't think he is going to make it....