Saturday, May 29, 2010

We love to read!

Last weekend the new library opened. It is pretty cool. It has this nice "front porch" you can sit on and look out at the water and read. We think we will be spending a lot of time there!

Notice Eli's book is upside down...he has a little learning to do!

Happy reading everyone!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Kind of like dogs watching tennis...

Oh Eli!

Hello Alison here. My friend Alissa's post got me thinking about things my kids say ALL the time. When I first thought about it I could not come up with anything, then I got home and spent some time with my kiddos. I quickly realized Eli does a lot of repeating of himself. Unlike Carter Eli has always been a demanding little guy so all of his requests and questions are no surprise to me and Peter. Here is the list:

1. Public toilets. EVERY time we are out in public Eli says he has to go potty. Once I get everyone rounded up Eli quickly changes his mind and begins to cry. Then I have to sit him on the toilet bawling and explain the toilet will not hurt him. He proceeds to go to the bathroom and squeal with glee stating "mommy I'm peeing" over and over again. You would think after we have gone through this so many times he would learn, but no such luck. TMI maybe..but this is a blog about all aspects of my kids:)

2. In the car:

Eli "Mommy where we going?"

Me "We're going to the gym."

Eli "We're going to the gym?"

Me "Yes we are going to the gym."

Eli "Are we going to the park?"

Me "No, we're going to the gym."

Eli "Mommy where are we going?"

It doesn't matter where we are going, he always says we are going somewhere else, if we're going to the park then he says we're going to the gym. Thankfully, there are no tantrums if we aren't going where he wants to go. But the conversation gets old especially when you have it every day.

Another car related story. A couple weeks ago I was driving with the kids in the car. The car in front of me was going VERY slow, so I said "c'mon buddy" (really I did, I have learned quickly NOT to curse at other drivers, read on and you will see why). Eli asked what the car was doing. I told him the guy was not paying attention. Eli said "he was f*#$ing around mom?" I was speechless, thankfully he has NOT repeated that statement since.

3. Washing hands. After supper the kids wash their hands and brush their teeth. Every night Eli climbs up on the step stool and states "Hot." Even though I have turned the water on for him and it is not hot. I have to say "nope buddy it's not hot." Then all is good and he can wash away.

4. Bed time. Each night at bed time the kids get chapstick on their lips. The girls also like to put aquaphor on their cheeks. Eli asks every night (see a theme here?) "I need something on my cheeks" I tell him no you don't like the stuff on your cheeks. His response "OK." I have tried letting him put some on and he instantly cries and needs it off. Darn kid can't make up his mind!

5. Last, but not least tormenting his sisters. I don't know how many times a day we say, "That's not nice." "Morgan/Addison does not like that" "Stop" "Leave your sisters alone" Here is some video of the master of torment-to sisters and mom.

That is enough for now. Good night everyone!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Life Sized Mr Potato Heads

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We are getting smart!

Morgan here. Mom is very surprised at how smart we are getting. Yesterday we went to Costco to pick up some cakes for a party mom was planning at work. We REALLY wanted to eat the cake. Mom said we could not have any cake but that she would bring us home some the next day. What do you think we talked about for 1.5 hours before mom got home today? CAKE of course!! Better be careful what you tell us from now on!

Have you ever had Costco cake? It is delicious and "cheap" mom says. We also recommend the twist yogurt.



So this post was supposed to be about how smart we are, but I guess it also shows our LOVE for Costco. Mom says it's a multiple moms dream: samples, food in bulk, big enough carts for the kids and the groceries, and a cafe that can feed us for $6. It doesn't get any better!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Another beautiful day!

It's Eli. It was another great day, good thing we had a play date planned with Rylan, Brinlee and their mom Gretchen!!

We had so much fun playing in the water.
Well I guess Addison just had fun watching us play in the water. She said she needed her swimming suit to play in the water and she did not want sand in her shoes. Once a princess, always a princess!

Did you notice I got to play with another BOY!?!? This does not happen very often!
We love this weather, and so does mom since we have gone to bed at 6 the past 2 days!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hello Sun!!

How we have missed the sun over the past few days!! Maybe that is why we have been kind of naughty lately. We have been spending lots of time outside now that is it nice again. Here we are on Friday.

We love blowing the seeds off the dandelions!

Today we put on our suits and played in our new beach ball sprinkler.

Have a great weekend everyone and we hope you get out and enjoy the weather like we are!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It happens every time!

Here were are a little less than 2 months from the kids 3rd birthday and it's happening AGAIN!! Every year (it's not like there have been a lot of years, but some days it feels like it!) right before their birthday they turn into terrors. I don't even remember what the deal was around their first birthday, but I remember thinking 11 months is bad. Then came 23 months and I thought 23 months is terrible!! We were entering the "testing" stage and all of them were on constant time out. Here we are again at almost 3 and someone has been in trouble all day every day for the past week or 2. Eli growls at the girls endlessly and tries to anger them however her can. I know boys with boys, but REALLY can we stop already?!?!?! Then there is the arguing between them, fights were a lot easier when they did not have such good verbal skills!

So there you have it. Life is not all roses here at the Hanlin family. Thankfully, I have a wonderful husband who bears the brunt of it while I am at work. I could never do what he does!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our weekend with our Flat Stanleys

Our cousin Ethan sent us 3 friends, all named Flat Stanley. We got to decorate them and then take our Stanleys everywhere with us and take pictures. Here is what we did with them.

We went to moms favorite place, Starbucks. Stanley had a hot chocolate and some of our raspberry cake.

We played Choo-Choo Train with them

They helped bake some yummy cookies.

We took them to one of our favorite places the gym. They liked going on the slide with us.

They even went and got a haircut with Eli.

We had fun taking our Flat Stanleys out and about in our home town and hope they had fun too!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


It's Alison. I was curious who looks at our blog (I think most bloggers are!) So I added a traffic report on Friday. I have been very surprised and happy to see there ARE many people who check out our blog. So now is the time to reveal yourself! I know that many of the bloggers I have listed on the right had side check us out because most of them are good friends and moms sharing this crazy experience of raising of multiples with us. How about the rest of you? It doesn't matter if I don't really know you, now I want to know you. After all you know a lot about my family now. Please, as a mothers day present leave a comment for me:)