Thursday, March 8, 2012

Triple the laughs

Eli "Mom can we have another candy bar?"

Me "No Eli you just had one.  You can't eat that much candy or you will get fat."

Eli "Like Grandpa Bubba?"

Sorry dad but it was just TOO funny not to post!

Future Olympians?

Tonight was our first night of gymnastics and we were so excited!!! We had so much fun on the bars, balance beam and tumbling mats.  Mom says after watching us on the balance beam we have a ways to go before we will be Olympians.
 We are incapable of looking at the camera much to our moms dismay!
Another boy was in the class.

In other news the trip we took to the water park 2 weekends ago really helped us with our swimming.  We had our first lesson in the next level last night and the teacher said we have almost already passed it!