Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rain, Rain go away..

We know the people on TV say we need rain, but when it rains we have to stay inside. This drives us (and mom and dad) crazy. Here is some video of what we wished we could have been doing today.

Playing on our slide

Playing Tag (we do this in the house too, but it is not as much fun)

Playing keep away with Shelby (we thought it was fun, don't think Shelby did!)

We sure hope it is nice out tomorrow!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The winner...

It was close but it appears you all think Addison has changed the most from birth to now. Here's some pictures of our little princess.

1 week old

9 months

1 year
21 months

Monday, April 20, 2009

Not babies anymore!

It's Eli and mom said I REALLY became a big boy today. You know what I did? I pooped in the potty. Don't get too was kind of accident. I was trying to go in the tub. Mom pulled me out and sat me on the potty. I cried and was NOT happy, but then my sisters and mom clapped for me and we got to wave "Bye Bye" to the poop as it went down the big potty. Maybe I will try it again but I am in NO hurry (either is mom).

Now it's my turn (Alison). In the past few weeks it has dawned on me how big the kids are getting. the days of babies under 5lbs are long gone! It's hard to believed they will be 2 soon. Let's hope the terrible part that comes with 2 stays away! I am blessed to have 3 very good kids. Don't get me wrong they test my patience, but what toddler doesn't? Put 3 together and you are bound to lose it at some point! Anyway, here are some pictures to illustrate how big they are getting.

1 Year

21 months
Addison and Eli in crib 11 days old
Addison and Eli in crib-21 months

Addison, Eli, and Morgan group shots

5-6 months?
21 months-it's so much harder to get them to sit still!
7 months

21 months-Did I mention how hard it is to get them to sit still? The picture of them in their "togas" from the last post may end up being our Christmas card!
This picture is just cute so I had to put it in. Pretty full house if they are all in one crib!

Good night!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A fun weekend

Hello! We hope you all had a great weekend. We did yesterday we played at the park with our friends Elijah and Sefan.
Sefan didn't really want to take a picture. We know how that goes.

Today we ran errands with mom, had a snack at Starbucks, and had a toga party.
Goodbye for now.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thank you Little Tikes

What would we do outside all day without our swings, cozy coupes, slide, and barn?!?! (These pictures are from a few weeks ago when it was still a bit chilly)

Traffic Jam

Addison prefers to push the car around
Morgan riding in style. Thanks dad for the cool paint job!

We hope you are all out enjoying this nice weather!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter x2

We're not sure what Easter is, but we LOVE it because you get chocolate and jelly beans...YUMMY! On Saturday we went to my Aunt Judy's and had an easter egg hunt. Mom was so surprised we actually knew what to do.

Like our pretty clothes? Eli had on a nice outfit on too, but he threw up all over it on our way down in the car. Don't worry he's not sick he just drank too much water. Here's some better pictures of us in our pretty dresses.
Today we went to Aunt Kathy and Uncle Tony's house. There was LOTS of stuff for us to get into. Mom said "No" a lot. We think she was pretty relieved when Daddy showed up. We wore pretty clothes there too.

We hope everyone had a good Easter and lots of jelly beans and chocolate like us!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I adore being a girl too!

No words really needed, ENJOY!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I adore being a girl!

Hello it's Addison. Look at my new pretty dress mom got me:

Mom says it's for dress up only, but I think I will have to wear it out of the house once it gets nice.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fun in Dexter!

Hello. We have had so much fun in Dexter this weekend, we haven't missed mom and dad at all. Here's what we did:

Played outside.

Went on an Easter Egg Hunt. We didn't really like that big white guy.

Pretended to be babies again. Mom says she doesn't want us to be babies again. It's much easier to take care of "big kids"

Ate lots of good food.

WHEW we are pretty tired out now. We can't wait to get home and see our mom and dad. Thanks everyone in Dexter for such a fun weekend!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Goodbye hair, mom, and dad...

Hi it's Eli. I have some bad news...most of my hair is now gone.
Now I REALLY look like my dad!

This time Dad did my hair cut. At first I thought it was fun:
But I quickly changed my mind once Dad started cutting:
So there you have it, my hair is gone. Mom says it's a little too short, but it will grow.

We are off for a long weekend with Grandma Barb and Grandpa Bubba. Mom says she has a big to do list while we are gone. Don't miss us too much while we are away!