Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dress up.

Hi it's Eli. We have a new favorite activity, DRESS UP! Boys wear pink sunglasses, headbands and carry a purse right? Tonight mom brought home some fun new stuff for us to play with.

Cutest Leprechaun

Beautiful Flower

Irish RabbitWhat do you like to dress up as?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Addison or Eli?

The winner of this poll is...


Hi everyone, cuddly should have totally given it away! I love to cuddle with anyone I can find. When my grandmas are around I ALWAYS find my way on to their lap. I love to cuddle on the couch with dad and mom and watch TV. When it is time to stop cuddling I get very mad.

As for being passive, yes that is true too I guess. When Eli steals toys from me and I just cry and want mom and dad to save me. Mom always tells me "Take it if you were playing with it first." I am kind of shy when I meet new people too, but once I get warmed up I am very friendly. So friendly I have a boyfriend at school. His name is Sean, I am a sucker for his red hair and he is a little peanut just like me.
I am also the goofy one of the three of us. I love to do things to make people laugh. If I am doing something and notice someone laughing I just keep doing it. Maybe it's not so much the laughing, I just like that they are paying attention to me.

I love to play with my dogs. Shelby is my favorite. I could sit and pet and hug her for hours! I get a little sassy sometimes. When I don't get my way I throw tantrums and cry, but it never works. I sleep with my pink kitten all the time and am going to have a REALLY hard time giving up my nuk. I am also the most talkative one of the group. I learned how to say "no" and "Eli" recently. Here I am making some animal noises with Morgan and Eli. Like my shades?

Mom says watching me is like watching herself as a little girl. I guess we would have to ask Grandma Barb about that. Have a good night!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

We're so dizzy...

Have a great day and don't forget to vote! Which kid is it???

Monday, February 9, 2009

Another milestone met.

It's Alison and I just had to write to tell everyone what Morgan did today. Peter was changing Addison's diaper and turned around to find Morgan standing in the middle of the room. The surprise was that he did not take her out of her crib, she climbed out. So all the kids cribs have been moved down to the lowest they can go. So they are basically on the floor now(we have mini cribs). It won't be long until we ditch the cribs and just have mattresses on the floor. I can only imagine the chaos that will ensue! My babies are REALLY growing up!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Who's helpful, whiny, and crazy?

It's me, Morgan Mae!!! Please let me tell you all about me...
CRAZY-Yes it is true I really like to move. I never sit still long enough for mom to take my picture. I love to run all over the house and climb. A month ago I got through the stair rail and hung for a couple seconds until dad came over to rescue me. Mom and dad say I will be the first to break a bone.

HELPFUL-I love to help clean up and know what bins everything goes in. Eli and Addison are so annoying they just throw everything in the same bin. If I am the first one to get a cup or food at snack or meal time I ALWAYS pass it on to Addison or Eli. I find all the garbage on the floor and give it to mom and dad, this includes dead bugs. I ate one once, they don't taste very good.

WHINY- I have the fewest words and prefer to whine to get my way. I can say more and done so I say those words ALL the time, because I know I shouldn't whine. I usually don't like to be cuddled but I am getting some teeth so for the past few days I have been very cuddly and extra whiny. Here I am whining because I want mom to hold me.

Hmmm..what else can I tell you. I LOVE shoes. My favorites right now are my pink tennis shoes and I pick them out EVERY time we go somewhere. This my friend duck, I sleep with her every night. I'm pretty sleepy in this picture.
I don't have a lot of hair so mom says my hairstyle resembles Terry Bradshaw..whoever that is. That is all I can think of right now. Good job to everyone who knew it was me. Be sure to vote again and see if you know Addison and Eli as well as you know me.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our new favorite game...


Try it for yourself. It is a lot of fun!

All dressed up.

Hi it's Addison and Morgan. We get to be in a wedding! We're not sure what that is but we get to wear pretty dresses and Aunt Laura said she was going to buy us a present so it must be a good thing. Do you like our dresses?

I LOVE my dress! (Addison)

I'd rather be wearing pants! (Morgan)

I liked playing with their dresses. I don't have to wear a dress so I? (Eli)We are so excited to be in Aunt Laura's wedding, hopefully we can do it without crying!

What I do when I don't want to sleep.

It's Eli. The other night mom and dad caught me talking to myself, when was supposed to be sleeping. How embarrassing!

I talk a lot now. I learned to say ball, diaper, and help. Addison can almost say my name. It's so fun getting big! Speaking of getting big mom takes us to school now. We went for the first time last week and it was lots of fun. We get to play, sing songs, and have snack. The best part is it is ALL boys except for my sisters. For once I am not outnumbered!

That's all for now. Talk to you later.