Sunday, April 25, 2010

A little Chris Brown on a Sunday Morning

I tried Tic Tok and a couple others, but apparently they can only get their groove on to Chris Brown.

Sorry it's sideways, forgot about the inability to rotate a video

Monday, April 19, 2010

Future Mozarts?

All dressed up.

This is our cousin "Baby Irelynn." Last Saturday we went and watched her get water poured on her head (baptised) in a "big room" (church) Not sure why, but we did. We got all dressed up in our clothes we were supposed to wear on Easter-remember we got pink eye!

We don't usually go to the "big room" but we love Irelynn, Laura, Ryan, and Dominic SO much we would do ANYTHING for them!

Now what?

Side 1: Rock wall
Side 2: Rock wall
Side 3: Straight drop to the ground about 6-7 feet
Side 4: Fire pole


Bunnies and Tigers and Bears!

Today mom had to get off work early so dad could go do a practice test for St Paul FD-WAY TO GO DAD!!

It was nice out and even though mom knew she should really go to the gym, she took us to the zoo instead!

We got to pet a bunny. The lady kept telling us to be "gentle" and "one at a time" Doesn't she know NOTHING is 1 at a time at our house? Hello we're TRIPLETS!

We watched the bears catch fish (mom side note: Grizzly Coast exhibit really is amazing! To be that close to a BEAR?! Addison was a little scared)
And watch the tigers lay in the sun.
Our favorite animals are the monkeys! Here we are being concerned about their safety.

(anyone else concerned they were going to fall into the monkey pit during that video? That's why I stopped taping!)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ice Cream

Since the kids were so well behaved at the Albertville Outlets I rewarded them with ice cream.

I can't believe how big they are getting!! The count down to THREE is on. Where did my little babies on the right hand side of this blog go!?!?

Thursday, April 8, 2010


The kids Are gone for 4 days!! I am loving it for the following reasons:

1. Less dishes and meals to prepare
2. Peter and I can come and go as we please
3. The house is quiet. We never have to mute the TV because we think someone is crying.
4. There is not a potty ring on our toilet
5. We get to sleep in.
6. I can scrapbook.

Even with all these reasons I prefer my life with dishes, waking up early, noise, and even the potty ring.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

4 wheeler ride

Thanks for the ride uncle Chub!

Happy Easter!

We really like these holidays that involve getting candy!! Our Easter did not turn out quite how we planned. On Saturday we had Easter with Grandma Barb's family and of course there was an egg hunt with LOTS of candy YAY! Here we are with our cousins our candy.

Eli's eye was kinda puffy and goopy all day. It just kept getting worse and then me and Addison's eyes started getting green stuff in them too. So we all went to the doctor on Easter morning. The diagnosis: Pink eye! So that means we can't go spend the afternoon with the Hanlin Family:( The Easter bunny still made it to our house after lunch.
Thanks Easter bunny, but next year you can keep the peeps and bring us more chocolate!