Saturday, February 20, 2010

Our first party

Today we went to our friends Patrick, Kate, and Elise's 3rd birthday party at Pump It Up. It was so much fun!!

And we got to hang out with some of our other triplet friends....
and eat cupcakes.
We hope we get to do something when we turn 3! Thanks for inviting us Patrick, Kate, and Elise!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Future firefighters.

Happy Valentines Day!! We would like to take a moment to apologize for our mom writing on the blog. We are SO embarrassed that she talked about us going to the potty!! This is Addison and I just want to set the record straight...that was Eli's pee in the picture!! In honor of Valentines Day we got to go have lunch at Daddy's work. We played on the fire trucks and had a lot of fun. We think we will all be fire fighters when we grow up. Enjoy the pictures.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Done, Done, and Done!

They ARE potty trained. They go to the potty without prompting and we had one accident all day today. That is what I was going for and we succeeded. When we go out I still put pull ups over their underwear but they stayed dry when we were out and about multiple times today. Addison and Morgan woke up dry this morning as well. Potty boot camp is over and was a total success. It's safe for all to visit the blog again, there will be a lot less talk about body fluids. Thanks for reading everyone!

The blog will now be turned back over to the kids.

Friday, February 12, 2010

And the medals go to...

In the spirit of the Olympics I decided to use this blog post to give my kids medals based on their potty skills. Good thing I only have triplets, I would hate for any children to not medal!

The bronze goes to:

He tries hard and gets to the potty in time about 50% of the time. But often gets too into certain tasks like eating, watching Dora, and playing cars and realizes the need to go after the fact. He often has a tendency to not "drain the hose" completely, leading to a second potty break shortly after the first. Either he's doing this to get 2 M&Ms out of the deal or really doesn't know when he's done. He's doing better than expected so as a mom I am happy with the bronze!

The Silver goes to:
I am shocked she did not get the gold, she is by far the most interested in the potty. She makes it about 75% of the time but also gets too caught up eating and watching Dora to realize she needs to go. She did catch herself after she dribbled a bit and yelled "I need to go potty!" I replied, "Then come here" Her response, "Come get me!" I walked out to find her paralyzed with fear that if she moved she would pee some more. She's striving for the gold-she sat there for about 45 minutes today willing a #2 to come out so she could get a sucker, never did happen. Keep working Addison, you'll get there!

The gold goes to:
Pictures of Morgan on the potty have to be from the chest up. She likes the hike that dress really high just to make sure it doesn't get wet and we don't want to post the goods on the blog. She is the potty champ. One accident today and actually goes almost every time she sits down. On a funny note, in the bathtub tonight she stood up and announced "I get a candy!" My response, "if you just peed in the tub, no you don't get a candy." Her smile disappeared and she walked away...EWWW!

Congratulations to all the winners! Today has continued to go well. I put underwear on them and tried to do our normal stuff just to see how they did. A few more accidents than yesterday, but they are independently seeking out the potty for the most part. Tomorrow we try with underwear AND pants on. Lots of laundry, but hey we they can't live in just underwear and a shirt forever!

Is there anything cuter...

In other potty related news. I got these foam, western themed stickers at the dollar store as something to pass the many hours we would spend at home for potty training. After opening them I now realize why they were at the dollar store:
Nothing says family fun like beer mugs, rifles and revolvers!

Happy potty training everyone and if you are sick of reading about my kids body fluids...STOP READING THE BLOG!! Good night:)

"Mommy I gotta go potty"

Music to my ears!!! Can it really be going this well? All hell will break lose soon enough right?

The party continues.

We are having a great day! Addison had one accident during breakfast otherwise they have all hit their target. I have not had to use the timer at all today. When they gotta go and sometimes even when they don't they go sit on the potty. I have put underwear on them now and and am going to see how it goes. You may think I'm crazy, but I REALLY do think I can have them day trained by night is a totally different story. Here are some pictures of the proud, underwear wearing big kids.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 1 has come to an end..

and things are going well. We had a few accidents:
3 on the floor and 1 messy one in some underwear. But have had way more successes!! What I have learned so far:

-Haven't had to use the timer much, the bathroom is like a revolving door
-We need a bigger bathroom with a TV
-It is possible to go a whole day without letting them watch Dora
-Suckers work to get them to poop in the potty (2/3 did that today)
-Eli WAS ready to potty train
-NO pants is the way to go. When they had underwear on in the AM they peed in it and did not notice. They each had one accident on the floor, were horrified and embarrassed and learned quickly to go to the bathroom.
-Sanitizing wipes are a blessing since there were bare butts all over the place!

I think I can get this done by Monday. Here's to hoping we only spend 50% of the day in the bathroom tomorrow-today was about 75%.


Our potty charts: note everyone has a Dora sticker for putting something in the potty.

Morgan 8:40 AM-a dribble

Eli 9:01 AM-#1

Addison 9:10AM-#2. She camped out on that potty dertermined to get a Dora sticker and managed to squeeze a little out. She earned herself a M&M, Dora sticker, AND a sucker.

It begins...

Well we did not start at 7:30 like I thought, the kids slept until 8:30! No complaints from me. When I went in their room and said OK lets go sit on the potty. The answer "No" But when I pulled out the stickers they would each get for sitting on the potty they agreed to sit. Morgan had some sort of dribble in there so she got a Dora sticker. Addison is very jealous. They are all a bit puzzled as to why they have no pants on. Now we're having a pantless breakfast and the timer is set...

The last time I used this timer was when I was pumping.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's GO time!

I think I have everything I need for a triplet potty party:

-underwear (14 pairs for each child and YES I did label Addison and Morgan's. Even if they are sisters sharing underwear is GROSS!)

-salty snacks to make them thirsty

-sweet snacks to reward a "successful deposit" as Brandi put it (M and Ms for pee, a sucker for the first poo)

-Stickers and potty charts (Dora for success, Rabbits for just sitting on the potty)

-tons of cheap toys to occupy our time at home, upstairs on our wood floor with NO TV. I might get desperate and make them sit on some plastic to watch Dora!


-3 Ikea potty chairs. Total cost about $5. Only the best here at the Hanlin house:)

Having a bad plan is better than no plan at all right? Better get to bed. The fun begins at 7:30 AM. Wish me luck and check back often. This is a part of life I definitely want to document well. My biggest challenge to date in raising triplets.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Triple the Triplet Trouble

Play Date at our house=3 moms and LOTS of kids!
L-R Hannah, Josh, Morgan, Addison, George, Eli, Patrick, Kate, and Elise