Monday, September 26, 2011

Our life....

4 days and counting!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A long overdue update...

Hello we ARE still alive but have been very busy!  Grandpa Bubba told us we needed to get this blog updated so here we are.  Where to start?

Daddy got a job as a full time firefighter-something he has been trying to do for a long time.  Bad news-his job is 1 1/2 hours from our house.

Which brings us to the next big news, mom got a new job doing home care in the same town daddy works in.  She will be done working at Courage Center at the beginning of October. Can you guess what is coming next?

Yep...we are moving!!  We saw pictures of our house and it is HUGE!  Mom keeps saying we going from a 1600 square foot house to a 3700 square foot house.  She has a big smile on her face when she says it so I think she is excited.  Daddy told us that Eli can have his own room at our new house.  Eli is not sure what he thinks about that.

The cons of the new town according to mom are: no Starbucks, no Lifetime Fitness and no Costco.  YIKES! Those are all things we really like too!  But we are still so excited to move!

Once we move we will go to day care every day.  There is a set of twins there that we can't wait to meet and play with.  It will be way better than being home all the time!

What else have we been up to?  We went to the state fair with mom and Grandma Barb.  Our favorite part was seeing the baby animals, mom's favorite part was the food.

Addison does NOT recommend the ride below. She hugged 
the circle in the middle and cried for the entire ride! 

Addison is going to take over the blog now to tell you how she has been doing.

I am doing OK.  Some days my legs, arm and neck hurt.  I have only had a fever a few times in the last couple months and my bumps (rash) is better but still on my back, belly and legs.   I am still taking medicine (naproxen) 2 times a day.  I asked mom when I can stop taking this medicine and she said that when I stop this one I might have to start getting shots every day instead....I'll just stick with this medicine for now! A couple weeks ago I had to go have blood tests which I don't like at all!  Mom said it was to test if I have CAPs (specifically Muckle- Wells Syndrome). It will take 10-12 weeks to get those tests back.  They also drew some blood for some other stuff but the lab messed it up so I had to go back and get MORE blood drawn today.  I wasn't too mad about since the hospital gave me a gift card and I got to go pick out a toy when I left.  So I go back to my doctor in a month.  I go to a new hospital now that is pretty colors and WAY better than the other place I was going to according to my mom.  Mom says the doctors actually tell her what is going on and seem to have a plan in place rather than just scratching their heads when they come into the room and see me.  I don't know what all that means but I think Dr Correll and Dr Vehe are so nice!

That's it for our update.  Life is busy and a little crazy but we are so excited about the changes coming for our family!