Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Photo contest

Hey all Shutterfly is having a summer photo contest. Here are my favorite summer photos thus far. Copy this link for more info http://bit.ly/sweepS

Sunday, July 8, 2012


I feel like I say this every year but really how can they be five?!?! Today we celebrated with our family and friends and it was so much fun. I never make much of birthdays, including my own, but I feel to need to really celebrate my kids. They really are a miracle. At 6 weeks pregnant I was told that 1 or 2 or maybe all 3 would not make it and that reducing would be wise. At 12 weeks I was told that if they did live they would have disabilities. I was prepared for it even though it seemed to everyone I was "calm" while pregnant I had all the scary thoughts in my head. But, I kept them in my head. The weeks ticked by and with each week I grew more and more optimistic I would really have THREE healthy babies. On July 8, 2007 my vision was spotty. I went to the hospital and discovered I gained 22 pounds in 10 days, not something you want to do ever. So it was decided today was the day we would meet our babies. I was still nervous. Anything could still happen. Would they make it through the c-section, would they breathe?When they were in special care I wondered if they would gain weight, develop a brain bleed or acquire some life threatening infection. After 12 days they came home and the worry was still there. Would they develop normally, would they RSV? After five years and Kindergarten on the horizon I feel like maybe I can stop worrying about them being preemies. I'm the mom and will always worry but not about the same things. Kate Gosselin (who I know most people hate, but I kind of get her in a lot of ways and do channel my inner Kate at times) once said she celebrated her kids birthday because it could have ended up so differently so there is a lot to celebrate. I get that and that is why I celebrate these amazing little kids who drive me crazy at times but I am forever thankful they are here! (and because Blogger will only let me blog from my iPad right now, you get a smattering of pics I had on Facebook of my cute kids!)