Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Original art work

In the new house we have tons of BIG, EMPTY walls.  I am not complaining...I am thrilled to find inexpensive ways to decorate our space.  So the kids play area downstairs have been bothering me.

BLEH!  Who wants to play here!?!?

So I decided to let the kids paint (using colors they chose themselves) some large canvases to hang in their space.  Thanks to my cousin Tiffany for giving me the tip on how to make sure it did not look like someone had the stomach flu on the canvas (tip: use colors NEXT to one another on the color wheel and you don't get brown!)  Those art teachers know what they are talking about!  Here is how they turned out.

By Eli

By Morgan (it's more clear what it says in person)
By Addison
These original works of art are not something I would hang in my living room, but I think for a kids space they are perfect! Now I just have to talk Peter into hanging them on the walls :)