Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Fashion Show

My Mothers of Multiples sale was this past Saturday and it was a HUGE success! The sale means the kids got lots of "new" toys, clothes and shoes. They were very excited. The past 2 days have been spent trying on various outfits. Most of the clothing is meant for when the weather gets a bit warmer so for now they are walking the run way in our home.

Morgan wearing her Gymboree dress and cherry rain boots.

Eli sporting his "new" Gymboree sandals
Addison was too busy coloring on her "new" easel to partake in this fashion show.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Triple the Laughs-Marriage edition

So I had an interesting coversation with the kids in the car the other day. We were talking about last names. Eli asked when his last name would change. I explained his wouldn't, but Addison and Morgan's last name could change when they got married. Well that took us down a road I was NOT expecting.

Eli "What will I wear when I get married?"

Me "I don't know buddy, probably a suit."

Eli "What color will my suit be. Where will I get a big suit? Will daddy help me pick out a suit? Who will I marry? Can I marry Addison and Morgan? When can I get married?"

WHOA! This boy is really concerned about marriage at 3 1/2. We talked about that usually boys marry girls and girls marry boys. So they thought it would be OK if they married one another. My response "You guys are family you can't marry each other. That's illegal in most states and your kids will look funny" I was not expecting to get into such a "deep" conversation about marriage, but made sure to say that when they decided to get married if Eli liked a boy that would be OK and vice versa. Thankfully there were no more questions about WHO they would marry.

We moved on to WHY you marry somone. Hmmmm..."because you love them and want to stay together forever and maybe have babies"

Now Eli keeps talking about marrying a baby and is still concerned he won't be able to find the right suit for the big day. Maybe this topic was a bit much for 3 1/2!

Happy BELATED St Patricks Day!

Sorry we are late! Mom has been busy finishing up her BIG project for school. She put it in the mail today and is breathing a BIG sigh or relief it is done! We hope you had a great day and had a Guinness (we don't know what that is, but mom says you have to drink Guinness on St Patrick's day!)

Dealing with disappointment...

This was the topic of parent time at preschool this week. Eli had to deal with a BIG disappointment when he woke up this morning. SNOW!

When he went to bed last night he was so excited that the snow was almost gone and the Easter bunny was going to come soon since I had been telling them that Easter would be here once the snow was all gone. Easter means CANDY so they are excited.
Eli, "Mom! There is not supposed to be snow, it's supposed to be Easter!"
Me: "Yep Buddy it snowed."
Eli: "But I don't want it to snow."
Me: "Well I can't make it not snow so we just have to deal with it."
Eli: "I don't want to"
Eli and about 95% of Minnesotans are feeling like this today. What can we do about it? we zipped the 3 in 1 jackets back together, pulled out the snow boots and trudged to school in the snow.
Happy "Spring" in Minnesota!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pajama Day

Today we did something silly..we wore our jammies to school AND brought our pillow pets. Here we are in our jammies at school relaxing on our favorite little bench.

We liked wearing our jammies to school but asked to put clothes on when we got home. Mom thinks we did that because we did not want to go to bed...she might be right!


We have not posted much lately but as always we have been busy. We spent the last 3 days in Wisconsin Dells with our family. It was so fun! Thanks Grandma Kathy!

Our swimming lessons have paid off. We do so good with our life jackets on!

Relaxing watching TV with Irelynn in the morning.

CANNON BALL!! (he did this over and over again!)
Fun squrting water on the jet skis.

Aunt Laura in the wave pool with us.
Us with our cousins