Monday, July 25, 2011

Not guilty....

of putting the brown marker in my mouth.
Do you think I look guilty?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What I did today...

1.Went to the dentist and got a cavity filled...lovely way to start the day

2. Enjoyed an iced coffee (Starbucks of course) on my way to work.

3. Had a wonderful treatment session with a cute little girl.

4. Received an unexpected voicemail that I needed to schedule Addison for an appointment with the Hematology/Oncology department to discuss her lymph node biopsy. This was a shock since I was told earlier in the week her biopsy showed NO signs of cancer.

5. Called the Hematology/Oncology department (crying) to schedule the "surprise" appointment.

6. Was left on hold for 5 minutes because "the nurse needed to talk to me." (more tears)

7. Scheduled appointment. The nurse stated she was not sure why it needed to be scheduled. We go next Tuesday.

8. Called the Rheumatology department to let them know how I felt about my "surprise" phone call. Voicemail of course...I would expect nothing less from this office!

9.Received apologetic phone call from Hematology/Oncology MD stating I had nothing to worry about. Her lymph nodes look fine with no signs of cancer. The appointment is simply to have him take another look to make sure nothing was missed and to see if he has any other suggestions since she is still such a mystery.

10. Received apologetic phone call from nurse in the Rheumatology department.

11. Received apologetic phone call from Rheumatologist.

12. Researched our possible new health plan to ensure that Addison's pre-existing condition will be covered.

13. Made enemies with the University of Minnesota because I called every number I could to try to get Addison scheduled for an appointment with the Rheumatlogist there for a 2nd opinion at the recommendation of our current rheumatologist. They don't know it yet, but I am going to call them ALL again tomorrow if they don't call me:)

14. Enjoyed a Passion Tea Lemonade. Gotta love treat receipts!

Oh and worked all day...isn't being a mom great?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nothing says summer....

like a push up!

Beach day

I love Minnesota weather, except for the summers and the humidity-BLEH! Today it was SO humid the only way to even be outside was to be in the water. We headed to my new favorite place-the swimming pond. I just discovered this place which is pretty sad since I have lived here for so long and it is quite popular. I LOVE it-the kids spend more time playing in the sand and on the shore than swimming. Giving me time to actually sit and work on my tan:)

I told them to put their arms around each other and smile and they did! Maybe 4 is the age they will actually listen to me!?!? I am not holding my breath.

This is the new park. It's very futuristic looking. Not for the faint of heart-thus the reason you see Addison sitting on the curb choosing NOT to swing in this picture.
Where's Eli you ask? In a time out of course.
Now he is ready to be nice and join the fun. Addison continues to cheer from the sidelines.

I hope everyone was able to stay cool today!

Monday, July 11, 2011


Of course the Princess gets her own update! As of 7/14 she has been "sick" for 6 months! She was put on a medicine 2 weeks ago to treat what they thought was Systemic Onset Inflammatory Arthritis. This is the third diagnosis we have been given and the 3rd med, but this time she seemed to get better....for 10 days. Now we are back to fevers, rash, and leg pain. Not as bad as it had been but still there. She also has swollen lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy) and her CRP and Sed rate (inflammatory markers) continue to rise. Her lymph nodes have been swollen for at least 4 weeks. So on Wednesday she will go under general anesthesia AGAIN for a lymph node biopsy. Still no answers...just more tests.

Trio Photography

They might have a booming business some day. Here are pics they took of one another.

I should note I deleted about 75 pictures of the wall, floor, and their own legs. These 3 were the keepers.

Party Animals!

Hello it's Morgan-I am 4 now. On Thursday night I had a little break down and told mom I did not want to turn 4. I told mom I wanted to stay little forever and be her baby monkey. Mom said I would always be her baby monkey even if I got bigger. That made me feel better. We partied Friday and Saturday, boy are we tired!

These are the birthday shirts mom made us so EVERYONE would know we were 4.
Dad and Mom took us to the "Mall of ca America"

We watched planes.

We went on rides.
Addison stuck to the rides that stayed on the ground.
Me and Eli got to meet Blue, Uniqua and Pablo. Addison decided just to hang out with dad.

Then we went swimming at Aunt Cindy and Uncle Rick's house. Eli was so brave.
He jumped off the diving board over and over again.
Then we had pizza and cake.

On Saturday we had a big party at our house with all of our family. Mom made us each a cake.

Eli and his frog.
Addison and her princess kitty.

Morgan and her monkey.

There were LOTS of presents!
Thank you everyone for making our birthday so special! We love you all!

Friday, July 8, 2011

4 years ago.....

I looked like this!
(that's an XL maternity shirt folks!)

The ride from the OR
Eli looked like this.....
and our little peanut Addison.

Time sure does fly! Happy Birthday to my very special babies!