Monday, July 11, 2011

Party Animals!

Hello it's Morgan-I am 4 now. On Thursday night I had a little break down and told mom I did not want to turn 4. I told mom I wanted to stay little forever and be her baby monkey. Mom said I would always be her baby monkey even if I got bigger. That made me feel better. We partied Friday and Saturday, boy are we tired!

These are the birthday shirts mom made us so EVERYONE would know we were 4.
Dad and Mom took us to the "Mall of ca America"

We watched planes.

We went on rides.
Addison stuck to the rides that stayed on the ground.
Me and Eli got to meet Blue, Uniqua and Pablo. Addison decided just to hang out with dad.

Then we went swimming at Aunt Cindy and Uncle Rick's house. Eli was so brave.
He jumped off the diving board over and over again.
Then we had pizza and cake.

On Saturday we had a big party at our house with all of our family. Mom made us each a cake.

Eli and his frog.
Addison and her princess kitty.

Morgan and her monkey.

There were LOTS of presents!
Thank you everyone for making our birthday so special! We love you all!