Monday, November 12, 2012

Getting caught up on being thankful..

8. Coffee. I am always thankful for coffee.
9. My health. I treat a lot of people who are very ill and it makes me appreciate how healthy I am.
10. Friends. As I have gotten older my group of friends grows but I have many friends that I still remain quite close to. I got together with 2 of my high school friends over the weekend. It's so nice to get together and be able to pick up right where we left off
11. Running. Although I have not done much running recently. Running has become one of the things that keeps me sane! The quote below sums up why I run and love it.
12. Crafting. It's right up there with running as a sanity saver. Right now I am really into knitting and crocheting. The picture below is of the kids in the hats and scarves I made for them. It snowed today and they were so excited to wear them!


Martha Klopp said...

I nominated you!

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